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SA31 eSSL Standalone Access Control Device. This device is available in RFID and Mifare variants. This is a single door access control device. In this device access can be granted using RFID cards or we have a model which supports Mifare Cards as well. This is a beautiful combination of design and quality. Its a very high quality product. This is a door access control model. This model is suitable for location where simple access control is required without any management software. We ship this product through courier. Dealers, system integrator can directly call us to buy this wonderful device. Call us to know the price of this wonderful product. This is a very beautiful access control device for standalone purpose. This device has very low power consumption. It has very less weight just 110g. With storage of 1000 users this device can fulfill needs of small to medium sized organization. Best suited for offices, server rooms, cafeteria, hospitals, shops. This is the best product for people who like to use technology in their organization. This is known as door lock system. This device is best access control device for single door.

Technical Specification:

  • Operating Voltage : DC 12V±10%
  • Operating Current : < 100mA
  • Dimensions : 121×78×23mm
  • Weight : 110g
  • Ambient Temperature : 0°C – 60°C
  • Storage : 1000 users
  • Card type (alternative) : EM(ID) card (IC card for options)
  • Card reading distance : 1 – 15CM

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